Jason Hickman


Jason was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CASA CIS in November of 2017.  He presides over the Board of Trustees Officers, Board and Executive Director. 

Jason has been practicing law since 1995. He focuses on the areas of business and real estate law. From real estate and business transactions, to business formations and governance, to real estate development, to business and real estate litigation, he has focused his practice in these areas in order to offer guidance to his clients as they maneuver through the process of running a business and owning and developing real estate.

In his real estate practice, Jason assists both developers and individuals as they deal with the numerous issues surrounding ownership, development, purchase and sale of real estate. From assisting with the transactional documents, to advising clients about the development process, to assisting clients faced with complex planning and zoning issues, he utilizes his knowledge and experience, as well as that of the firm’s real estate team, in order to resolve the issues and concerns of the clients.

In the business practice, Jason works with clients as they establish their business, as they grow their business, as they encounter day-to-day issues and long-term planning, and as they plan their succession and sale of the business. He draws upon his history of dealing with businesses, from small to large, from corporation to limited liability company, from professional service industries to service industries, in order to advise clients about formation, from single member entities to large corporations, about structure and operations, from contractual issues (leases, employment contracts, non-competition agreements) to employment issues (protection against disclosure of trade secrets, non-disparagement, advising on hiring and termination), and about financial considerations, from asset purchase agreements to leases.