CASA-CIS Awarded Grant from Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt


The Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt has recently announced the release of grants to local charities, which included a $1,500 grant to CASA CIS. This award will allow CASA to offer a volunteer advocate to one child for the full 2017 year.

The specially trained volunteer advocate takes a 360 degree approach for the identification of the child’s needs.  Once identified, the advocate will help insure a child has all that is required to mitigate the long term impact of the abuse, and all services necessary to overcome the negative impact that the founded abuse has already had.  They work with the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), appointed to represent the child’s best legal interests, all professionals involved with the child’s abuse, family members and others.  They have regular visits with the child to insure they are not re-abused and to encourage and support the child who often has damaged self-worth. The advocates watch diligently over the child’s safety and care so they are provided the needed services to grow up and become productive adults, able to break the chain of abuse.

The Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt seeks applications from programs and projects with budgets of less than $2 million, clear goals and objectives and measurable outcomes. Learn more by clicking here.