Josie Geiger Awarded First Annual Charlyn Hasson-Brown Award for Leadership


In tribute and gratitude for the 20 plus years of dedication that Charlyn Hasson-Brown devoted to CASA CIS and the vulnerable children that she and the organization served, the CASA Board of Trustees proudly developed the Charlyn Hasson-Brown Award. Beginning in December of 2016 this award will be presented annually to a volunteer of CASA CIS that has demonstrated exemplary service and upheld the CASA CIS Mission with high regard. The current eleven members of the CASA CIS Board of Trustees is grateful for the work of Ms. Hasson-Brown and is dedicated to carrying the organization forward.

The first annual Charlyn Hasson-Brown Award was presented December 23, 2016 to Josie GeigerCASA CIS Board of Trustee’s Chairman, for the strength and leadership that she demonstrated during the past year of transition following Ms. Hasson-Brown’s retirement. “I am honored to be a part of the CASA Board of Trustees and thank them for their tireless support during this past year. I feel strongly that the work of the Board, along with the current staff of CASA CIS, during the past year has shored up and built upon the foundation that Charlyn labored on for so many year,” Josie Geiger

The tear shaped award filled with the flame of passion for the children that are served by CASA’s Board, Staff, Advocates and Volunteers was aptly designed by Board Member and owner of Imagine,Patrick King. “2016 has been a year of turbulence for CASA, with staffing changes and significant transformation of each of our fundraising events. The determination and commitment that this organization shown in spite of such challenges this year and each year in the future deserves to be recognized with this annual award – a humble “thank you” to those that make a tremendous difference in the lives of our community’s children.”