Patrons & Benefactors

Patrons & Benefactors

Donors who provide $10,000 or more to support the work of CASA. Benefactors are recognized throughout the year for their generous contribution for the abused children CASA serves.

Annual Patron
Each year an exclusive opportunity is available for donors of significant funding to assist CASA in fulfilling its mission to provide an advocate to every child who needs one.

What is a Patron?  
A Patron is a person or corporation who provides significant financial support of $20,000 or more to the CASA program for one year to help insure that every abused, neglected and abandoned child, or at-risk youth whose case is before the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, has someone who will spend time with them, investigate their current situation and future possibilities, monitor their safety and see that they get needed services, report their findings to the child’s attorney and directly to the court and advocate for their best interests in court, in school and in planning meetings.

What does the Patron directly sponsor?
The Patron sponsors the  Recognition Dinner  that honors the volunteer advocates who give many hours of their time to help the children.  It honors the members of the Board of Trustees who dedicate their time and resources to keeping the program fiscally sound; and work to insure that it provides service of the highest quality to the children.  It honors those businesses who have made a major contribution during the year or have been committed partners in securing the fiscal stability of the program for many years.  The dinner recognizes professionals who have gone beyond the requirements of their jobs to assure the hope of a better future for a child victim.

The Patron is the primary sponsor of every fundraising event or activity of the of the year.  This includes our annual Evening Under the Stars held each fall on the second Saturday of September.  This event draws approximately 1,200 people each year to the Harris Pavilion in Old Town Manassas.  Also included is the spring fundraiser, our annual Retro Party , a 50’s, 60’s and 70’s dance/party also held at the Harris Pavilion in Old Town Manassas on the last Saturday of April each year.  This event draws approximately 500 people.

Other fundraising activities  may be developed by the CASA board during the year and the Patron will be the primary sponsor of these as well.

What is the Patron’s contribution for the 2013-2014 annual year?
$20,000 for one year of sponsorship.  This money will be leveraged to bring in more than $50,000 additional funds to help support CASA’s work with children.