Advocates for Safe Homes

1 in 7 children
abuse or neglect.
When these cases go
to court, the Judge
does not see the child.
CASA bridges this gap
to ensure every child’s
voice is heard in court.


CASA CIS’s mission is to advocate for the best interests of each abused and neglected child referred by the county juvenile court system through the promotion and support of quality volunteer representation. We seek to ensure that each child’s needs are identified and addressed with the goal of providing each child a safe, permanent, nurturing home. 


A world where all children who are abused, neglected, or abandoned are given a voice and the chance to thrive in a safe and loving home. 

Core Values

CASA CIS provides best interest advocacy for the children assigned to its courts and is committed to the following principals in providing those services: 


  • To provide a volunteer advocate for every abused or neglected child appointed to us by the court.
  • To respect and promote family preservation and reunification if it can be safely achieved.
  • To help the child in crisis feel a little less alone, understand more about what is happening around them, and know that someone who cares will be there through their entire court experience.
  • To watch diligently over the child’s care so that they do not get lost in the system and are provided needed services to grow up to become healthy, successful adults.
  • To work collaboratively with professionals throughout the child welfare system and to assist the Court and the Guardian ad Litem by providing accurate, child-centered information to ensure the child’s best interests are protected.
  • To recognize and respect the diversity of the children we serve and to strive to reflect that diversity with our volunteers, staff, and Board of Trustees.
  • To ensure that everyone we serve, work with, employ, or interact with is treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.
  • To show our gratitude and thanks to our volunteer advocates, volunteer board, and those in the community who are committed to our mission by providing financial support.
  • To use our resources carefully to ensure we can serve the children who need us.